“Slow coffee Espresso”


Coffee time, at home and at the bar, is an essential ritual for Italians, and bars should bring the full experience and taste of our country,. Espresso is also known as the “Italian drink” in the world, with a history spanning more than 100 years! We drink it in a such frenetic way, but the ritual requires you to drink it “slow”.

 3 tastes of coffee

Only coffee experts are able to recognize the true quality of a good Espresso. The most popular way to taste real Italian coffee is distinguished in “Espresso”, “Ristretto” and “Lungo” variants. Let’s try to understand what we are served!

“millim” helps us to understand the differences!

The pleasure of coffee wherever you want

For a cappuccino with friends, for an energetic breakfast, for the taste of an Espresso after lunch. Sitting outdoors, standing at the counter or in a place with a lively  atmosphere. Let’s listen to the symphony!

“millim” helps usa to read the notes!

The first Italian cup with flavor indicator!

1 cup 3 tastes

The best coffee also at home

millim box

Cups packaging, in professiona porcelain at 1400° – Decorations at 1200°.

Certified free of lead and cadmium.

Let’s discover the 3 tastes of Italian coffee

Italian Style

millim is..

the first patented espresso cup with an indicator of taste. Having a coffee has never benn son easy.  “Caffèè al millimetro” is a way to find a trusted barman wherever you are and taste the perfect coffee in any place. For customers “millim” is a standard to choose the flavor of the coffee. For barmen is the simplest way to satisfy customers serving them the right Espresso.

Coffee that matches you desires

The quality of a good Espresso is also related to the quality of the cup. Choose to enjoy your coffee whit millim. A cup that tells the history of the Italian Espresso, your habits, your desires. A new Italian way to serve everyday the usual coffee. Millim allows you to taste the pleasure of coffee wherever you are.